Contest Now Open! The Green Rider Soundtrack Artwork

Contest Now Open! The Green Rider Soundtrack Artwork

On June 30th, my favorite author, Kristen Britain announced that a musician, Kristina A Bishoff, was beginning a project to create a soundtrack for my all-time favorite novel, The Green Rider. I first discovered this book when I was fourteen, and thirteen years later, it’s still my favorite book (and series) ever.

So when Kristen stated in her announcement: “if you’re interested in being involved, feel free to contact her,” that’s exactly what I did.



While my style of photography is not your typical portraiture (I often have people tell me “I’ve never seen anything like your work!”), I knew that this was exactly the sort of thing I had been working towards. I immediately clicked through to the musician’s page and began to draft a message. I was going to do the artwork for this album… I just needed to (politely) convince Kristina of this fact.

A few weeks later, and several emails down the line, I received the news I had been hoping to hear:  Kristen, the author, had given us the go ahead to begin creating the artwork!



As Kristina and I began planning, and the excitement began to build, we realized something: we weren’t the only ones that were passionate about this series, and we think we aren’t the only ones passionate about this project. So we decided that we don’t want this to be just between me and Kristina, because we know there are so many more of you out there who love this series just as much as we do.

So today, Kristina A Bishoff and I are (being completely honest) beyond excited to be opening up submissions for contributions to our Green Rider Soundtrack Artwork contest!

Now, what does this mean? In a few short weeks, I will be shooting the images that Kristina will be using to promote her soundtrack album and we want your talents, skills, and passion to be just as much a part of this as ours have been.



So if you feel you have something to contribute to the artwork, we want to see what you have to offer! Whether that’s costume design, makeup/hairstyling prowess, cosplaying expertise, or any talent you feel would be a valuable contribution to Kristina’s soundtrack, my photography, and (most importantly) this wonderful world Kristen Britain has created, send us your work! Check out the rules and guidelines, as well as the link to submit below!

Rules and Guidelines:

What we’re looking for:

  1. Costume designers
  2. Props
    1. Swords, weapons, armor, etc.
    2. Golden brooches and metal work
    3. Crowns and jewelry
    4. Elven accessories
    5. Cartography
    6. Medieval lifestyle items
    7. Leather work
    8. Etc.
  3. Cosplayers
  4. We will also need creatives who will need to be physically present the day of the shoot (ie. models and HMU Stylists)
    1. All images will be photographed in the New England Area (Maine and Massachusetts coastal area), therefore any contributors needing to be physically present will need to be located within this region.
    2. If, however, the contributor is willing to provide for their own travel and accommodation to the region, they are welcome to apply.

*We would love to see anything you feel might be a valuable contribution to this project, however if you need further suggestions on what is needed, please see the following inspiration boards for the sort of props/costumes/and styling we are looking for:

The prize:

  1. The opportunity to participate in the artwork for the official book soundtrack inspired by the novel “Green Rider” by Kristen Britain.
  2. A free digital download of the soundtrack album upon the album release.
  3. A free photographic print of any one image of your choosing from the soundtrack artwork, signed by Madeline Shayne.


  1. Credit will be given to contributors in all uses of artwork, including but not limited to the physical and digital album, art books, online promotions, and other uses of art for this music project.

How to submit:

  1. Entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST on August 23rd to be considered.
  2. Entries MUST be submitted via the form below. Any entries submitted by email or private/direct message on Instagram/Facebook will not be considered a valid entry.
  3. Please submit JPEG images that clearly depict what it is you are submitting.
    1. For costume designers, it would be helpful if you include multiple images of different angles of the costumes you are submitting as this allows us to get an accurate idea of how the costume will look and fit when on the model.
    2. For MUH stylists, please provide images of at least three different looks so that we have an accurate idea for your capabilities.
    3. Entries must be submitted in gallery/album format. Please do not include multiple links to individual images randomly posted on your Facebook/Instagram as this makes it very hard for us to get a cohesive understanding both of what you are submitting and what you are capable of producing.
      1. We recommend using Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr or some other portfolio website (this can also be a portfolio on your personal website). Please ensure that the privacy setting is set to public so that we may view the portfolios.
  4. All contributions must be fully completed and ready to ship (HMU and other day-of contributions excluded). Costumes must be completed and able to be worn by 11:59 pm EST on August 23rd.
  5. Where applicable, all contributions must be able to be shipped to the New England area by Wednesday, August 30, and must arrive by Wednesday, September 6th.
  6. Images will be photographed in the New England area. All contributors must be willing to ship their contributions to this area, or be willing to travel to this area the day of the shoot if active participation the day of the shoot is necessary (ie. MUH stylists, models, etc.).
    1. If physical participation is required, the contributor must be available the second and third weekends of September (with the third weekend as back-up, in the event of inclement weather).
    2. All contributions sent via mail will be returned to the contributor within one week after the shoot in which it is featured takes place. Shoots are currently tentatively scheduled to take place the second and third weekend of September, however these dates may shift, depending on weather, availability of location, and availability of participants.


Winners will be contacted following the end of the contest with further instructions for participation. We are looking forward to your submissions and to making this dream project come to life with you!



Having created many images and knowing the amount of work that can go into each aspect of a creation, I know the amount of effort and time that each of these pieces takes to bring to life. So Kristina and I know how much we are asking from you in these next two weeks. But we also know we are not the only ones who are passionate about this story and are passionate about what we do. So we are beyond excited to see what each and every one of you has to offer!



May the next two weeks see you busy, but also fulfilled in knowing that your hard work, effort, and passion could be a valuable part of bringing to life this wonderful world Kristen Britain has created for us!

And without further ado, the contest for contributions to the Green Rider Soundtrack artwork is now, officially, open!



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