Challenge Accepted: Expensive Art on a Thrift Store Budget

“Heeeyyyyy Madeline! Wanna participate in a little thingy I’m doing!?! I had this idea, and I’m pretty sure it’s brilliant…”


Of course, if a message starts like this, it’s definitely going to pique my interest. And if that message involves some sort of photography challenge, you better believe I’m going to say yes. Throw in the fact that said message is coming from my friend, Robert Cornelius (who is basically a photoshop god), I’m sold. No convincing necessary.

Which is why, last Sunday, my roommates were trying their best to pretend it was completely normal for me to be hauling 90% of the lamps in my apartment up to my attic studio.

So what is this challenge, exactly, that would require me to decorate my upstairs office with about ten more lamps than would be considered aesthetically pleasing? Essentially, Robert wanted us to create a piece without the use of natural light or professional studio lighting equipment. No stands. No umbrellas. Nothing. Instead, we had to use what we could find around the house.

Not surprisingly, I gave him a resounding yes, because I really believe in what his challenge is trying to prove:

You don’t need fancy equipment to create art!

(And because it brought back fond memories of my early days of photography, when house lamps were about all the “studio lighting” I could afford.)


So, being sold on Robert’s challenge, I started brainstorming ideas for my image and immediately knew I needed to have Freya in my piece. This was really the first chance I’d had to experiment in the studio since I brought Freya home, and I knew I needed her in the shot with me.



I immediately thought back to our trip back home for Christmas, when on several occasions, Freya managed to get into some bags of flour my mom had stored in the pantry, and boy… did she LOVE that flour!

As in she ate mouthfuls of it. Just straight up flour.


(She is weird, I know… she also loves to shred paper and eat hairballs… someone really needs to tell her she’s a dog and not a cat…)


But it kind of inspired me. Maybe in some sort of storybook world, Freya could have aspirations of becoming a cook? Or maybe she just really likes to be a nosey puppy and get herself into messes… Either way, I wanted to capture that memory, and so I came up with the plan to shoot “Food for the Soul”.



Above, you can see the setup for this image. I’ve also included an image below, detailing the set up for this piece. Off to the left hand side you can see three lamps. I wanted these to be my main source of light, so I clustered two of them close together and slightly in front of me. The third, I also placed to the left, but slightly behind me so there was a little bit more dimension to the image as it lit the back side of my head.

For the same reason, I put one lamp, still with it’s shade on, on the far right side of the scene. That way, it wasn’t complete darkness on that side of the image (thus, giving the piece some dimension), but it also gave off a much fainter light, allowing for the brighter lamps on the other side of the image to cast a more directional (and therefore interesting) light across the image.



I also decided to go full out with this challenge, and didn’t use my backdrop or other fancy props either. Both the tablecloth and the backdrop were pieces of fabric I had grabbed from the fabric store months ago, while the table is just a folding plastic table my roommate gave me when she moved out. All the items on the table are the jars, bowls, spoons, and ingredients I use on a daily basis in my kitchen.

Creating art really doesn’t have to be expensive, if you learn how to be creative with what you have. I just went to my fabric draw, my closet (I wear that skirt regularly), and my kitchen, and pulled all the most intriguing items I could  find.


So there you have it! My contribution to Robert’s challenge… and now it’s one of my favorite pieces (probably because it’s the first with Freya in it)! So thank you Robert, for coming up with the fun challenge, and for including me! I’m ready for whatever challenge you have up your sleeve next (…in other words, please come up with another challenge)!


Now, you should go check out Robert’s post and the image he created for this challenge! You will be absolutely astounded at the wizardry he is capable of! Check it out by clicking here!

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Why You Shouldn’t Hate Valentine’s Day

I feel bad for Valentine’s Day. I really do. Hated by singles, overused by boyfriends hoping to become fiances, and taken advantage of by retailers for the sake of candy and card sales. It’s no surprise that the holiday now has quite the bad rap.

But I still love it, and here’s why:

The memories and the traditions.



Yes… I have Valentine’s Day traditions. And no, I’m not talking about the tradition of picking out Valentine’s from Walmart (although sometimes I do get a bit nostalgic for a good Lisa Frank or Rugrats card…).

Now, to preface. My family is big into tradition. My mom always jokes that if we do something more than two years in a row, our family has designated the event as a “tradition” that must be adhered to at all costs, so long as we shall live. So obviously, we have Valentine’s Day traditions as well: my favorite of which is our annual “pink breakfast”.



Until I left for college, each February 14th morning, I would don my outfit of pink or red (or both), and make my way downstairs to the most festive breakfast spread you’ve ever seen, courtesy of my mom. Pink pancakes, pink yoghurt, pink milk, fresh strawberries, strawberry poptarts… if it was pink or red, it had a place at the table.

Mornings have always been rough in the Stoker family, but they were a little less rough on February 14th, with something special waiting for us when we got downstairs. And it wasn’t just the breakfast.



Every year, my mom also gave us each a little gift with our breakfast. I like to think that my mom was always my first Valentine, because Valentine’s Day celebrates love of all kinds… including motherly love.

And that is why I love Valentine’s Day.


Not to mention all the chocolate….

So maybe you hate Valentine’s Day… that’s fine. But maybe it’s worth taking a second to find your OWN way to celebrate. Who knows… you may just start your own, new tradition!


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Hi, I’m Madeline and I LOVE Nerds Rope (And 24 Other Weird Quirks)

Want to know the one thing that I really do not like? Scratch that… the one thing I actually hate?


It’s that conversation you have anytime you meet someone new.

You know what I’m talking about… the one that sounds like this:


“Where are you from?” says New Acquaintance.

“I’m from Arkansas. What about you?” I reply.

“Oh cool! But you don’t have an accent…” New Acquaintance responds.

(That, or “I’ve never met anyone from Arkansas!” … apparently us Arkansans don’t get out very much…)

New Acquaintance continues. “I grew up in Bedford, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.” and then asks, “What do you do for a living?”


You know this conversation. The one you’d sooner eat burnt cookies than have to repeat again.



OK, so maybe you’re not from Arkansas, and people don’t comment on your lack of an accent (or the fact that your state is probably the most underrepresented amongst travellers). And maybe you actually like these sorts of conversations, but my point remains: these conversations can be a bit dull and rehearsed.

In other words: boring.


Now, in the past six months, I’ve been very pleased to see more followers join me on Facebook and Instagram. And let’s be honest… even though it’s not a numbers game, it does feel really dang good to know more people like my work! Of course, among the blogosphere, the typical response to this sort of situation would be to introduce myself… which brings me to my dilemma:

I need to introduce myself… even though I hate introductions.



Which is way I’ve decided to take a different approach. I’m not going to share the typical things that, if you follow me HERE or HERE, you probably already know. Instead I’m going to share some quirks that New Acquaintance didn’t think to ask me about in our last conversation.

So without further ado, 25 facts about me that don’t typically come up in conversation:


1.  I get unreasonably excited when I get to park in “my” spot at work. Conversely, I get unreasonably furious when the Silver Nissan Murano beats me to it in the morning. Is there a placard with my name there? No…. but it’s still “my” spot.

2. My favorite candy is Nerds Rope.

3. I am personally offended if I am not the first one off the line when the light turns green.


4. I never wear button-up shirts without rolling up the sleeves.

5. I love to go shooting. My favorite is the .38 pistol my grandpa owns.

6. I prefer it if everything is in Military Time.

7. Some of my top bucket list items include: driving the Pacific Coast Highway (starting in LA and ending in the PNW, in that order specifically), visiting Croatia, and dying my whole head either pink or purple.

8. I used to wear glasses, but my mom talked me into getting Lasik done in India (it was only $800…)

9. When it comes to notes and journaling, I am a pen and ink kind of girl.

10. I am 27 years old and I will still unashamedly admit that I need “mommy time”.



11. I only wear jewelry if it has sentimental value.

12. I have eight pillows on my bed and I actually use all of them every night. I like sleeping in a pillow fort, alright?

13. Even though I was raised in the South, I hate country music. I do, however, love bluegrass.

14. I only wash my hair twice a week: on Wednesday night and Sunday morning.

15. My favorite breakfast food is a scone.

16. The only recipe I have memorized is my family’s chocolate chip cookies. I like to think I have my priorities in order.

17. When I get nervous, I either bounce my leg rapidly, or grab a strand of hair and endlessly run it between my thumb and index finger.

18. I have a ring my mom and I designed while we were living in India. I have worn it almost every single day of my life since then.



19. When I need to remember to do something, I twist said ring around my finger so the jewel is on the bottom and then say to myself seven times in a row the thing I need to remember.

20. One of my favorite things to do is just lie listlessly on the floor for a good thirty minutes and think about nothing. And then I’m ready to get back to whatever task I was working on.

21. I much prefer rain over sunshine, and not just because rainy days mean blankets, reading, and warm drinks (although those definitely help). Rain in general just makes me happy.

22. Things beyond my scope of abilities:

  1. Melting chocolate (especially white chocolate)
  2. Reading quickly
  3. Getting away with speeding
  4. Looking older than 20 years old (I’m 27)
  5. Not being a Type A driver
  6. Responding promptly to text messages
  7. Remembering to bring gloves when I travel in the winter

23. The longest I’ve been awake is 66 hours (I have never fallen asleep faster than after those 66 hours).

24. I hate seafood. But I love sushi.

25. I LOVE to drive. Around town, cross country, doesn’t matter. If I could have started driving at 12, I would have. So yes, I was that kid at the DMV –on- her 16th birthday.


So I’m curious, do you relate to any of these?


(Please tell me I’m not the only one who is terrible about responding to text messages! Or that sleeps with seven too many pillows!)


Tell me about yourself! Comment some weird quirks or something you love about yourself below!

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Confetti and “Congrats!” Banners: A Green Rider Soundtrack Update

With the slow down in Green Rider Soundtrack updates over the Holidays, you might have assumed that Kristina and I took a nice little vacation.

(Insert laughter and a quiet “I wish!”)

While we did enjoy some much needed time with family and a few extra hours of sleep (at least for me!), work did not slow down. The two of us spent much of the “break”, hard at work, which can only mean one thing: we now have some exciting new updates to share with you!


First off, Kristina is finished writing the soundtrack!

*Yay! Confetti streamers and all the “Congratulations!” banners!*


Which means that while Kristina was in Utah this past month, she met with Chance Thomas, an extremely talented musician and composer (known as one of the fathers of video game music) at HugeSound Post Production Studios in Salt Lake City. During their meeting, Kristina and Chance discussed the recording and post production of the album, making it feel like we are that much closer to this soundtrack being a reality! HugeSound is an amazing studio and our success with Kickstarter will determine our ability to record here!




On my end, I was able to complete several more pieces for the artwork collection and am now focusing my energy on the official cover image mock-up. The cover will of course feature our brave Karigan. Unfortunately, I can’t share it with you yet, but rest assured, it will look every bit as magical as this book and project deserve!


Aside from this, Kristina and I have also been working on all things planning. We are now finalizing our rewards tiers line-up for the Kickstarter (we’ll also be sharing some sneak peeks into some of the items we will be offering in the coming weeks), and are VERY thrilled about the options! Kristen herself has even offered to contribute a few items… but that’s all I can say for now!

(And if that’s not enough incentive for you to get involved in this Kickstarter, I don’t know what is!)

Needless to say, Kristina and I (and Kristen!) have worked our hardest to think of prizes and items that we think you guys are really going to love and be excited about, so we can hardly wait to let you guys see what we’ve come up with.


Finally, (as if all of this isn’t enough to keep a whole host of Riders busy for a year), Kristina and I have also been planning out our social media and marketing strategy for the Kickstarter campaign. Apart from deciding the frequency, dates, and subject matter of our Kickstarter updates, we’ve also been compiling a list of influencers, who we will be reaching out to in the coming weeks, in hopes of spreading the word even further about this project. So far, this list includes notable bloggers, fantasy book review sites, women’s empowerment podcasts, and sci-fi/fantasy news sites, to name a few!

Which brings me to a request I would ask of you: if you have a favorite blog, podcast, magazine, (or whatever!) that you think Kristina and I may not have thought of, let us know! The longer the list, the more people we can reach out to, and the more people will hear about this!


(Because let’s face it. Green Rider is basically the best book ever and everyone needs to know about it. Captain Mapstone can verify this.)


And as a final (side)note, if, when we mentioned “Kickstarter,” your curiosity was piqued: we are looking at a tentative late winter for our Kickstarter launch date. But please make sure to keep abreast of the Green Rider Book Soundtrack updates to find out when the official launch date will be. You can get these updates by clicking on any of the below links and liking/following/subscribing at any of the following places:


My Mailing List

Kristina’s Facebook Page

Kristina’s Instagram Page

My Facebook Page

My Instagram Page


In the meantime, a little treat to reward you for your patience during these past few weeks of relative quiet: an Eletian tiendan!



(Check out the process of creation by watching the short .gif at the end of this post!)


And, with that, Kristina and I will be back with another update in two weeks! Make sure to follow us so you don’t miss it (and other various smaller, yet still exciting, updates and sneak peeks we will be sharing between then and now)!

Until then, fellow Riders!



For those who are curious, the steps of editing:

  1. Remove distractions in background and edit the pauldrons/bracers to fit her better (they were originally sized for an adult male, so they were quite a bit bigger than my female tiendan model.
  2. Brighten the model to stand out better from the background.
  3. Darken the background for the same reason.
  4. Add the pearlescent sheen to the pauldrons and bracers.
  5. Increase brightness of clothes, as they had begun to fade into the background and disguise the post of the model.
  6. Adjust the color balance to more cooler tones.
  7. Add a bit of shadow and highlight painting to emphasize the model and make her seem more ethereal.
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I Got Rid of “Photography” and Here’s Why

If you look at my username on Instagram and Facebook, you might have noticed a slight change: I’ve removed the word “photo” and “Photography” from my respective usernames.

Of course, if your next thought was “is she giving up photography?”, let me quickly dispel that notion: Absolutely not! But I have been thinking lately, and my thoughts have looked a little bit like this:

Someone who uses paint to create their art is a painter. Someone who uses pen is an illustrator. And yet they’re also artists. And if you think about it, painters and illustrators (or any other type of artist) don’t typically use names like Madeline Shayne Painting or Madeline Shayne Illustrations. They just use their name… and so I’ve decided to do the same.


From a recent client shoot. To schedule your own personalized portraits, click “Contact” in the menu at the top of the page.


I know, I know… maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing, dedicating the first blog post of the year to this “announcement”, when really all I did is remove one word from my username. But it’s something I’ve been mulling over for quite some time. About three months now, actually (you could argue that I am incredibly indecisive and take FAR too long to make a decision). But I’ve finally decided to go ahead and just make the change, because I want to be seen as an artist, not just a photographer. And since the media I use to create have now expanded beyond just a camera and a photograph, it felt like it was time.


(Plus, I’m a sucker for the whole “new year, new you” thing…. )


So from now on, it’s just Madeline Shayne, because I believe my name alone is all I need.


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10 Things in 2017 I’m Most Proud Of

Like my parents always used to say, it seems like each year passes quicker than the last. In saying that, perhaps that means I’m finally an adult, with the true mark of adulthood coming when each passing year seems shorter and shorter.

Now with all the adult authority I can muster, I declare that 2017 truly passed in the blink of an eye, leaving us on the verge of 2018 before I could even get used to writing “2017” in my journal each day. And although these past twelve months have felt more like two, it is with some level of pride that I look back at what I was able to accomplish. So for my very last blog post of 2017, I wanted to share with you the accomplishments I’m most proud of this year:


1. I was published! My images made an appearance in several blogs and a magazine this year!

2. I created over 141 new pieces this year! That’s almost three images per week!

(And in case you were curious, I’ve share my favorite pieces from the year throughout this post.)


3) Over 500 new followers have joined the story on instagram, facebook, and my mailing list!

4) I finally tried collaborating with other designers, photographers, and models and it wasn’t half as scary as I thought it would be. In fact, it was actually inspiring AND very motivating!



5) For someone who claimed she would never write another paper again after graduating from university… I guess I spoke too soon, because this year I published over 40 blog posts!

6) I learned A TON about sewing this year and have ventured into the exciting world of creating my own patterns. Being the control freak that I am, I love having ownership of my entire creation, from conceptualization all the way through to the completed garment.



7) This might seem silly, but I’m really pleased with the fact that I finally, FINALLY created a calendar for the new year! In the past, I’ve either not had twelve pictures I liked enough to put in a calendar, or December came before I even realized it was time to start selling calendars. Not this year, though!

(Pssst…. you can buy your own copy right HERE).



8) I finally started Passages! I first had the idea for this series back in the summer of 2014, so to see it finally coming to life has been the most exciting accomplishment this year.

9) My little Freya joined me out in Boston this year, and she even still seems to love me (that, or I’m just a really comfortable puppy pillow at night…)




10) And last, but definitely not least, I would be remiss if I did not bring up the incredible opportunity I have had to work on the artwork for the official Green Rider Book Soundtrack. While starting Passages has been the most personally fulfilling accomplishment, this definitely ranks as the funnest accomplishment of the year. And Kristina and I aren’t even finished!


Looking back at all of this, the growth, the achievements, and the lessons learned, I’m saying goodbye to 2017 with joy at how this year went, and looking forward to 2018 with eagerness. I hope 2018 will be another year of growth, happiness, and success for all of us!

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I Created a Poll, and This Is What You Wanted: Green Rider Image #3!

Alright, Green Riders. You voted for the next photo I would be editing… and I mean you REALLY voted.

(At last count, there were 114 comments! You are awesome!)

While there were a large number of you that wanted to see the Eletian Tiendan next, even more of you wanted to see a Weapon…sooo…


…your wish is my command!



Surprisingly, even though this image was shot in studio, and the castle passageways added in post, this piece was actually much easier to edit than the previous Green Rider images I’ve shared. It’s funny how that works out sometimes! I guess it goes without saying that I really don’t love shooting images on bright sunny days (which the previous two images were shot under), but rather prefer studio settings or cloudy days!



As for the background, the castle image I used is one I shot several years ago while living with my family in the UK right after graduating from university. On one of our trips to southern England, my parents and I decided to tour Arundel castle, where the Duke of Norfolk and his family have lived for over 400 years! The family allows tours through their home periodically, so of course I took every opportunity to photograph and document such an incredible place!



Other than adding in a new background, however, the edits were fairly simple. You can see in the video below that there needed to be some touching up of the costume: as it turns out, most guys don’t have tall leather boots, so spats were converted to boots, the various blacks of the fabrics were all brought to the same hue/level of black, and modern details were painted over.

In addition to the costume edits, I also created a bit more of a moody/dark feel with the lighting (the old passages of King Zachary’s castle are known for being quite dark, after all), and warmed up the image before doing some final light painting to create a more painterly/dramatic feel.



And voila! Our first Weapon has come to life! What do you guys think? Is this how you pictured the older portion of Sacoridia’s great castle? Comment below and tell me how you always pictured it!

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Passages Update: Distractions, Dyes, and Flower Gowns

A few months ago, I nearly had a crazed outburst at work when I typed in a quick Google search and discovered that flying home was going to cost me about $600. SIX. HUNDRED. DOLLARS.

Seriously, I could fly to Bergen Norway for cheaper than that (and yes, I checked). How was it THAT expensive to take a domestic flight home?! Almost jokingly, I thought to myself… it’d probably be cheaper to just drive home.

Well, it’s not a joke anymore. I am actually driving home. And while the 21 hours may seem a little daunting, here’s why I actually decided to travel this way:

(Aside from getting to bring Freya with me, which is a HUGE plus!)

There is basically no limit to the amount of PHOTO GEAR AND COSTUMES I get to bring with me! So, this week, I have been feverishly working to get some of my costumes done in time, including two gowns for my next Passages photo. I want to make the most of this opportunity! Since I’ve been doing so many things to prep, rather than typing all of that out, I decided to vlog about it instead. Check out the update below!

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What If the Elves and the Fairies Celebrated Christmas…?

For my blog post this week, I decided that rather than my usual updates, I wanted to have a bit of fun instead.

And since I’ve been working on the artwork for a soundtrack album recently, music has been on my mind quite a bit lately… so naturally, I decided to create a playlist!

Of course, in keeping with both the Christmas season AND the fairytale-like feeling I usually like to maintain here, this isn’t just ANY playlist. It’s the perfect playlist for the inner fantasy lover. The lover of magic and mythical creatures. When I listen to this playlist, I like to imagine Christmas as it would be if the fairies and elves celebrated the Season.

(And for clarification, I mean the exotic, forest inhabiting elves, not Santa’s helpers. There is no question that the latter celebrates Christmas.)

So I’ll keep my words to a minimum today, and let you go ahead and listen! And as you do, imagine yourself walking through the woods on a crisp winter evening, fresh snow blanketing the ground and fairy lights surrounding you.



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New Green Rider Image! The Illusion

One of the benefits of shooting over 1600 images for the Green Rider Book Soundtrack artwork was that I had a LOT of images to choose from when it came time to create the final art pieces.

One of the drawbacks, however, was that for someone who is as indecisive as I am, this also made it really difficult to decide which images to start with. Fortunately, there is a wonderful thing called Facebook, where I could ask you which image I should edit and release next.

(Because yes… I even delegate decision making sometimes. And I’m not one bit ashamed of that).


So, after putting it to a vote, I decided to go with illusion for two reasons:

1) it had the most votes, and

2) Kristen voted for it, so naturally….


(As it turns out, it doesn’t take much convincing when the author herself weighs in!)


So with all that being said, here is the second official Green Rider Book Soundtrack art piece: The Illusion!



The editing for The Illusion went a lot like the first piece I shared (The Shield), as far as the lighting and color work were concerned. In fact, I even dragged and dropped most of the color and lighting adjustment layers from the first image onto this one so they would be processed with exactly the same adjustments. It was important to me to have these pieces match as closely as possible, not just because they are part of the same series, but also for another reason… which I’m going to tease you with and not share just yet!

Of course, if you missed my blog post explaining how I edited the first piece and you’re wondering how those same edits were used for this image, let me show you!


(And if you wanted to check out The Shield, you can do so by clicking here.)



Like with The Shield, in The Illusion I first lightened the shadows and darkened the highlights to minimize the bright, noon-day sun induced contrast. I also darkened the background, lightened the subject, and added a little bit of vignette to draw the eye immediately to our Rider. And like the first image, I also warmed the image and adjusted the color to get some richer tones.


So, with all the basic editing done to match The Shield, I could then focus on the coolest part: adding the illusion.


In the books, we are first introduced to the ability to create illusions in First Rider’s Call, the second book in the series. To help his fellow Green Riders escape enemy pursuit, Rider Pensworth uses his ability to create the illusion of silhouetted Riders at the top of a nearby hill, distracting the enemy while his comrades, flee in the opposite direction, make a daring escape in the dead of night.

Given that it wasn’t night time and there were no hills at our location, recreating this ability in that particular fashion wasn’t exactly possible. What we had to work with instead was a small meadow in the middle of the day, surrounded by forest. Given the differences in scenery, I decided to take some artistic liberties.


Besides, in my mind, the ability to create illusions means that the Rider can trick the unsuspecting eye any number of ways, right? Be it a silhouette at night, or smoke during the day… I would imagine these would all be within the capabilities of a Rider possessing this ability.



With all that being said, and the final image now published, I once again find myself feeling slightly nervous, to be honest! I know how special the Green Rider books are to me, and I have done my utmost to put my passion and love for this series into the images I am creating. But I know there are many people like yourself who are just as passionate about this series as I am, and my thoughts have turned to you quite frequently throughout this whole process.

Am I doing these books justice?

Am I doing Kristen justice?

And am I helping, at least in some small way, to bring this world that Kristen has created to life?



I sincerely hope so, because despite the doubts and fears that sometimes arise, this has been one of the funnest and most rewarding projects I have done to date… and I am excited for this adventure to continue!


P.S. I’d be interested to know: when you read Pensworth’s passage in the book, and when you think of the ability to create illusions, what comes to your mind first? Let me know in the comments below!

P.P.S. A huge shoutout to my model Sam Clewley, for being a fantastic Green Rider!



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