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The Story

Yours is a story of a life well lived.

A life spent creating, inspiring, and bringing magic into your home. A home filled with love, inspiration and dreams.

A life spent discovering the woods out your back door, or places far away. And discovering the sorrows of loss and the magic of triumph, with the ones you love most by your side.

A life spent holding your little ones close to you, teaching them about the hard times, but also about the fairy tales in bedtime stories.
A life spent creating memories to hold close when they venture out to create stories of their own.

“I chose to purchase the Daughters of the King book because I really loved the story behind it. I think the pictures themselves are a really beautiful, unique take on the ideas and values Madeline is attempting to convey. I would absolutely recommend purchasing it! It is a beautiful coffee table book and a great conversation starter!”

Ashley Barnes

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I believe it is important to remember our story, create connections with the world around us and build relationships. My goal is to preserve the fleeting moments and create a place of beauty from both the joys and the sorrows of life.

In both my fine art and commissioned portraiture, I work to add a touch of magic and elegance to memories so that we may always remember where we once were and recognize how far we’ve come.

Whether an image from my gallery speaks to you, or you hope to capture the memory of your loved ones in your own customized portrait session, I will work with you to create the perfect piece that tells your story.

Interested in working with me? Email me at email@madelineshayne.com!

Milestone Package

  • 1 hour at 1 location
  • Perfect for:
  • Senior/graduation portraits
  • Family sessions
  • Other important life milestones

Lifestyle Package

  • Shoots requiring more time on site (2-3 hrs)
  • Past sessions have included:
  • Family session at Fenway Park
  • Family summer boating trips
  • On location in-home shoots

Keepsake Package

  • Custom portraiture
  • Past sessions have included:
  • Stylized sessions using family heirlooms
  • Portraits representing talents of the child
  • Fairy tale like portraits

The Artist

My journey as a photographer started at the age of 17, when I moved to New Delhi, India with my family. Given a hand-me down Kodak camera by my mom as a way of documenting my experiences, I learned the importance of remembering the extraordinary moments in our life’s story.

Before moving to India, I spent much of my childhood in the enchanted Arkansan Ozarks, painting with my artist grandmother in her cabin in the woods. Having a solid foundation of artistic ability, the blend of experiences in my life has fostered my unique talent for combining the artistry of traditional forms of painting with the documentary nature that photography has to offer. At the heart of every piece I create is an image that is not only beautiful but invites the viewer to visit my captivating world filled with magic, elegance, and everyday experiences turned whimsical.

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