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“Madeline has great flexibility and expert editing skills, so I did not hesitate to purchase. Her pricing and product offerings were reasonable, which allowed us not to feel like we had to compromise on a beautiful memory and moment. She got the perfect unique shots and listened to what we wanted. I would recommend Madeline to anyone.”

Sheila Huston
Daughter featured in “She Was a Tribe”

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The Artist

My journey as a photoartist started at the age of 17, when I moved to New Delhi, India with my family. Given a hand-me down Kodak camera by my mom as a way of documenting my experiences, I learned the importance of remembering the extraordinary moments in our life’s story.

Before moving to India, I spent much of my childhood in the enchanted Arkansan Ozarks, painting with my artist grandmother in her cabin in the woods. Having a solid foundation of artistic ability, the blend of experiences in my life has fostered my unique talent for combining the artistry of traditional forms of painting with the documentary nature that photography has to offer. At the heart of every piece I create is an image that is not only beautiful but invites the viewer to visit my captivating world filled with magic, elegance, and every day experiences turned whimsical.

“The photos Madeline took of me were gorgeous. I never thought I could look that good! I also loved how she took something so personal and sentimental (my grandma’s vintage clothes and letters) and made the experience fun and honoring. I also really loved how fun and comfortable shooting with Madeline was. I had never been in front of the camera, so it was great that she made me feel relaxed. And because of our shoot together, other photographers even asked if I could be in some of their shoots!

Stephanie Marpe

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